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organized conferences, workshops and panels

  • organizer, meeting Comité Rechtsgeschiedenis van de Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten, 1 October 2011, Brussels (VUB).​

  • coordinator and chair of the panel ‘(History of) Corporate law’, Second Biennial Conference of Comparative Legal History. Definitions and Challenges, European Society for Comparative Legal History, Amsterdam, 9-10 July 2012. 

  • co-organizer, with Georges Martyn (UGent), inaugural lecture International Francqui Chair prof. dr. H. Pihlajamäki (University of Helsinki, Finland), co-organizer with Georges Martyn (UGent), 24 October 2012, Brussels (VUB).

  • co-organizor, with Elisabeth Alofs, conference ‘Inheritance, patrimonial rights and blended families: confronting past and present’, Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten, 23 November 2012, Brussels.

  • organizor, conference ‘Rechtspreken en lekenparticipatie: noodzaak of traditie’, 8 February 2013, Brussel (VUB).

  • organizer, Law and Criminology Talk Frederik Dhondt (UGent), ‘Diplomacy and practical legal argumentation. Challenges for the history of international law’, 9 December 2013, Brussels (VUB).​

  • organizer, Belgisch-Nederlands Rechtshistorisch Colloquium (Belgian-Dutch Legal History Conference), 11-12 December 2014, Brussels (VUB).​

  • organizer, workshop “The Small, Medium-Sized and Large Company in Law and Economic Practice (Middle Ages-Nineteenth Century)” 21-22 May 2015, Brussels (SQUARE).

  • co-organizer, with Ann Carlos, panel Bankruptcy History, World Economic History Conference, Kyoto, 7 August 2015.

  • co-organizer, with Heikki Pihlajamäki, Pim Oosterhuis and Aniceto Masferrer, panel ‘Codification of European Private Law: A Critical and Comparative Analysis’, Washington DC, 31 October 2015.

  • organizer, Tilburg University, workshop “Law in Amsterdam and the Dutch Republic (17th Century”), 11 May 2017.

  • organizer, panel “Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring Proceedings: Legal Borrowing, National Tradition and Globalization (Nineteenth-Twentieth Centuries)”, World Economic History Congress Boston, 30 July 2018.

  • organizer, Tilburg University, workshop “Mercantile and Corporate Bankruptcy and Pre-Insolvency in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century: Law and Economy”, Tilburg University, 7 December 2018

  • organizer, VUB, workshop “Transferring and Translating Concepts in Law and History”, workshop AveTransRisk, Brussels, 14 December 2018.

  • organizer, VUB, workshop "Commerce, citizenship and identity in early modern Europe", 8 November 2019.

  • organizer, panel "Law as Resource: Commerce and Legal Change in the Early-Modern City", World Economic History Congress, June 2022.

  • co-organizer, with Janne Nijman (University of Amsterdam), ‘Law and Governance in a Global City: Amsterdam (17th Century)’, Amsterdam, 9-10 December 2022.

  • organizer, workshop "Grotius on Commercial and Maritime Law", Tilburg, 10 February 2023.

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